Woman stealing campaign yard sign caught on camera

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LEEDS, Iowa (KCAU) – Just little more than two months until the 2020 presidential election, and here in Siouxland, people are expressing their political aspirations through colorful campaign signs placed prominently around the city.

“It’s just a sign, it is just a piece of cardboard–but it is my right,” Leeds Barbershop owner Duwayne Harvey said.

However, these kinds of signs can also be easy targets for those with differing opinions.

A security video released on Facebook from Leeds Barbershop last week shows a young woman getting out of a car, taking a sign in support of President Trump, and driving away.

Harvey says he’s bothered by what he sees in the video.

“I was kinda shocked and taken away somebody had the, I don’t know, stupidity?–or guts to do it in broad daylight,” Harvey said.

Harvey adds it’s not the first time he’s been impacted for putting up a sign.

“Last year, somebody broke out my window, and then, that weekend, they egged my place,” Harvey said.

Sgt. Jeremy McClure with the Sioux City Police Department says stealing yard signs is not a victimless crime, adding those who are caught face long-term consequences.

“They could be charged with theft. Typically, it’d be a simple misdemeanor, so most often it’s a fine, but they could potentially face jailtime, too,” Sgt. McClure said.

Thankfully for Harvey, justice was served.

“The driver of the car, [her] parents brought her in, and she apologized. Her parents said that they sold her car as punishment,” Harvey said.

Harvey says he accepted the apology, adding respecting one’s property is always the best policy.

“Everybody can have different opinions, and let cards fall where they may. But stealing other people’s property just because they don’t like it? I don’t think that’s right,” Harvey said.

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