SPIRIT LAKE, Iowa (KCAU) – A woman accused of a 2020 murder in Lake Park, Iowa, has been found guilty.

Allison Decker appeared in Dickinson County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon for the verdict reading of the bench trial for the murder of Angel Bastman, 25.

Court documents show Decker was found guilty on all counts, which include first-degree murder, second-degree theft, and third-degree conspiracy to commit non-forcible entry.

A verdict had been reached on June 14 with the reading of it taking place Tuesday, June 21. Decker waived a jury trial in early May.

Along with Decker, Justice Berntson was also charged in the case. However, Berntson pleaded guilty in December 2021 to an attempt to commit murder.

Authorities were called in December 2020 to a Lake Park residence. After arriving, they found a deceased woman and opened a homicide investigation. Decker was arrested in July 2021.

Court documents stated that Berntson and Decker were found in Sioux City after Bastman’s death with stolen property belonging to Bastman and her family. Witnesses and records also showed Berntson and Decker made statements that they were involved in the death and had been at Bastman’s residence the night of the alleged murder.