Witnesses begin coming to the stand for Andres Surber Trial

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A much talked about Siouxland murder trial is finally underway in Dakota County District Court.

DAKOTA COUNTY (KCAU) – A much talked about Siouxland murder trial is finally underway in Dakota County District Court. Jury selection in the trial of Andres Surber wrapped up Wednesday, with testimony beginning Thursday morning.

The often-delayed trial dates back to November of 2016. That’s when Surber was arrested and charged in connection with the shooting death and dismemberment of Kraig Kubik.

After twice being ruled mentally unfit to stand trial, a judge cleared the way for Surber’s case in January of this year.

Just last week, Surber asked to represent himself in court. The judge later ruled against that setting up Thursday’s testimony.

After more than three years of delays, the state of Nebraska opened its case against Andres Surber by calling Emerson-Hubbard Superintendant Lindsey Beaudette.

She told jurors that in November of 2016, she requested law enforcement make a welfare check on Kraig Kubik after his son told classmates his father was dead.

“I said tell me what happened. He said my dad is dead, my dad is dead, we can’t find him. There is blood everywhere and so I just figured it would be better if I just called you guys and at least reported that.” said Beaudette in a 2016 recording of her 911 call to the police.

“With how adamant he was, something just wasn’t right. He would tell stories, so you kinda have to weed through 5-year-old stories but he was persistent about his father being dead,” said Beaudette in the courtroom Thursday.

On November 2nd, 2016, Dakota County Sherrif Chris Kleinberg conducted that welfare check and told jurors even though Kubik was not located, he immediately knew there was a problem.

“Was there enough blood their sir that you thought whoever or whatever left it might be no longer alive?” asked the prosecution.

“I don’t think there was that much blood it was enough just to tell me whoever this is, is injured seriously,” said Kleinberg.

Later that same day, authorities located Kubik’s body parts and a car at the abandoned home of Andres Surber.

“I was out there looking for a very injured or possibly unconscious and when I had seen that I (huhhhh slouching down) that’s what I was thinking,” said Kleinberg.

Testimony resumes Friday morning at the Dakota County Courthouse.

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