Sioux City (ABC9 News)- Erika Nino-Estrada was called to the stand Wednesday afternoon and was set to finish her testimony Thursday morning. her statements were already called into question due to fear she was coached by family members, Thursday brought many of the same confusing memories from her.
“I don’t know I just remember gunshots everywhere,” she said.
Throughout the day the judge and jury listened to Erika say over and over that she couldn’t remember much of the November night her brother, Juan Nino-Estrada is accused of shooting and killing two people. But that wasn’t what she previously told the court in sworn statements, so the prosecution asked the judge to admit those records. He agreed.
“Under the hearsay objection, or hearsay exception, the former testimony would be admissible and the court will allow the state to proceed by reading the former testimony into the record,” Judge Jeffrey Poulson said.
Comparing her testimony to her previous sworn statements, shows discrepancies.
“Do you have any memory of who was doing the shooting?” she was asked Thursday.
“No I don’t.”
“So you told police Juan fired a round from the gun, right?” she was asked in a deposition.
“Yeah. I dont know where it hit but me and Luis both get down,” Erika told the court. 
The defense called her testimony unreliable and pointed out she still is close with Luis Gonzalez as well, and even visits him in jail.
The last hour of the day went much faster with two Sioux City police officers on the stand. The defense says Juan Nino-Estrada did not properly waive his rights after he was mirandized and before he was questioned.