SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — October 6 is known as College Radio Day and students in Siouxland are celebrating, just as any host or disc jockey would.

At Western Iowa Tech Community College students are celebrating the 13th annual College Radio Day with a 24-hour stream on Comet Radio.

A mix of musical genres and talk shows are on the playing deck and students are currently in the booth making sure the stream reaches listeners. Friday’s nonstop content comes with plenty of work.

“Everybody has been coming in since 7 am and doing an hourlong radio shift where they’ve been playing vinyl records or CDs or just doing talk,” said Audio, Video, and Broadcasting Instructor Mike Jones, “I think there’s about 18 students all together that have pitched in and worked together to do a board shift.”

Jones added that he and the students spent the last month preparing for the day-long stream.