OKOBOJI, Iowa (KCAU) — While the University of Okoboji winter games are one of the most popular times of the year in Dickinson county, officials have said a lot of work is needed to make these games happen

Michael Meyers is the chair of the winter games. He said it takes a team effort to bring the event together.

“It really takes an army of volunteers to put on the winter games. It’s one of those things where the community rolls its sleeves up and we make sure this thing happens,” said Meyers.

One of the biggest events of the winter games is the Red Bull Ice Scramble. This is the second annual race. More than 50 competitors from several states across the midwest come to West Lake Okoboji to compete.

Andrew Carlson is an athlete competing in the ice scramble for the second year. He said he loves the atmosphere of the event.

“There’s not a ton of big Red Bull ice races in the country. So it’s a cool thing to come out and see a big ice race put on. It’s kind of a low-intimidation style race. Anyone can show up and come run and race. It’s all about fun,” said Carlson.

Carlson added that he’s excited about improvements to the course as well as more racers this year compared to last year.

Trevor Johnson is the senior marketing strategist for Parks Marina. He said he’s expecting 3 to 5 inches of snow for the event. Regardless, the show must go on.  

“It is winter game so we are embracing the snow. There have been prior winter games in the past where the snow comes down during it. It makes it actually a more cool event. You got to embrace it instead of just thinking it’s a negative thing,” said Johnson.

Some activities going on later in the week are inflatables for kids and kite flying at night. Johnson said the lake should remain frozen for at least the next 80 days.