SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Back in August, KCAU 9 announced the start of “Burgers for a Cause” and sought viewers’ help to raise money for a pair of local charities. And Siouxlanders came through in a big way by buying our creations at 4-Brothers Grill and Bar throughout the month of August. On Tuesday, KCAU 9 learned the results of the battle.

Sophie joined Tim Seaman as Amanda Swick, Manager at 4-Brothers, announced the results. There really are no losers because the Crittenton Center and mid American Museum of Aviation and Transportation will benefit from the battle.

Officially, Tim’s “Wright Brothers Burger” won the battle, but it was a close competition.

Thanks to everyone who tried Tim’s burger as well as Sophie’s “Erber Baby Brunch Burger.” KCAU 9 also thanks the folks at 4-Brothers for the opportunity.

“We really just wanted to bring awareness to more of our local causes. Several of them have been something that I’ve never necessarily heard of and or knew or just coming or growing. So it’s really awesome to be able to contribute and give back to our community as we are a locally owned and operated also,” Swick said.

A new battle is underway! The Explorers and Bandits are representing charities of their choice in September.