Winds cause significant damage in Sheldon and Boyden

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SHELDON, Iowa (KCAU) — As winds ripped through Siouxland Friday morning, people in Boyden and Sheldon, Iowa were stunned by what they saw.

Andrew Hagemann works at Pizza Ranch near the damage that occurred.

“I saw some of the damage to the east of us and just the whole roof of that whole building is pulled off, and I had to rub my eyes a couple times to kind of comprehend what happened,” Hagemann said. “It was just crazy.”

Darla Reuvers’ salon is in the same shopping center as the damaged businesses. She said she couldn’t believe what she saw.

“It was crazy,” Reuvers said. “All that insulation almost looked like a snow drift. I had a hard time getting in here at first because you kind of had to make way to get through and then the roof was kind of hanging over our entryway there and it’s just incredible.”

In nearby Boyden, a school bus garage was badly damaged by the storm. The roof of the building was ripped open and garage doors were hanging loose. Some buses were damaged by the debris.

Reuvers says her business wasn’t damaged, but she expects the stores that were will be up and running soon.

“It sounds like the businesses besides us are starting to get their stuff cleaned out and nobody was hurt, so we’re really blessed with that so it could’ve been a lot worse,” Reuvers said.

In Sheldon, most of the damage was to roofs, although some buildings sustained lighter damage to other parts.

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