(KCAU) — Getting involved in politics may sound complicated and too much to follow, but KCAU has a breakdown of what Siouxlanders will be voting for when they head to the polls. The results of the elections below can be found right here at your local election headquarters.



Iowa U.S. Senate 

Senators represent their states by using their votes to act on bills, resolutions, amendments, motions, nominations, and treaties between countries. Each state has two representatives, one functions on a federal level, the other functions on a state level.  

Candidates on the ballots include:  

  • Mike Franken, Democrat 
  • Chuck Grassley, Republican 

Iowa U.S. House Representatives 

The U.S. House is part of the legislative branch, and each state’s House representatives vote on making and passing laws. States have different amounts of representatives based on population which is separated into districts. Each state has two types of representatives for each district, the state representative and the U.S. Representative. One acts on a state level and the other acts on a federal level, and they are intended to act as the population’s voice.  

Candidates on the ballots for each district include: 

District 1 

  • Christina Bohannan, Democrat 
  • Incumbent (current position holder) Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Republican 

District 2 

  • Liz Mathis, Democrat 
  • Incumbent Ashley Hinson, Republican 

District 3 

  • Incumbent Cindy Axne, Democrat  
  • Zach Nunn, Republican 

District 4 

  • Ryan Melton, Democrat 
  • Incumbent Randy Feenstra, Republican 
  • Bryan Holder, Liberty Caucus 


U.S. House Representatives 

District 1 

  • Incumbent Mike Flood, Republican 
  • Patty Pansing Brooks, Democrat 

District 2 

  • Incumbent Don Bacon, Republican 
  • Tony Vargas, Democrat 

District 3 

  • Incumbent Adrian Smith, Republican 
  • David Else, Democrat 
  • Mark Elworth Jr., Legalize Marijuana Now Party 


U.S. Senate 

  • Brian Bengs, Democrat 
  • Tamara Lesnar, Libertarian 
  • Incumbent John Thune, Republican 

U.S. House Representatives

  • Collin Duprel, Libertarian  
  • Incumbent Dusty Johnson, Republican 



Iowa Governor 

Governors implement state laws and they oversee the operation of the state’s executive branch. They can issue executive orders, executive budgets, legislative proposals, and vetoes.  

Candidates running for governor are as follows:  

  • Diedre Dejear, Democrat 
  • Incumbent Kim Reynolds, Republican 
  • Rick Stewart, Libertarian 

Iowa Secretary of State 

Each state’s respective Secretary of State is responsible for overseeing elections and business filings for the State of Iowa.

Candidates appearing on the ballot are as follows: 

  • Joel Miller, Democrat 
  • Incumbent Paul Pate, Republican  

Iowa Auditor 

The state’s auditor reviews the accounts of counties, cities, school districts, and other governmental subdivisions. The auditor will publish their reports for public record.  

Candidates for the auditor are as follows:  

  • Incumbent Rob Sand, Democrat 
  • Todd Halbur, Republican 

Iowa Treasurer 

The office of the State Treasurer serves as the bank, and the treasurer manages the funds inside. They issue and manage debt via bond sales for state projects.  

  • Incumbent Mike Fitzgerald, Democrat 
  • Roby Smith, Republican 

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture 

The state’s Secretary of Agriculture manages agricultural research, and profides information on food, natural resources, rural development, and nutrition.  

Candidates for Secretary of Agriculture are as follows:  

  • John Norwood, Democrat 
  • Incumbent Mike Naig, Republican 

Iowa Attorney General 

State Attorney Generals are sometimes referred to as “the people’s lawyer,” because they serve as the state’s representative of public interest. Additionally, they provide council provides count agencies and legislatures.  

Candidates for Attorney General are as follows: 

  • Incumbent Tom Miller, Democrat 
  • Brenna Bird, Republican 


Nebraska Governor 

  • Jim Pillen, Republican 
  • Carol Blood, Democrat 
  • Scott Zimmerman, Libertarian 

Nebraska Treasurer 

  • Incumbent John Murante, Republicans 
  • Katrina Tomsen, Libertarian 

Nebraska Attorney General 

  • Mike Hilgers, Republican 
  • Larry Bolinger, Legalize Marijuana Now 

Nebraska Auditor 

  • Mike Foley, Republican 
  • Gene Siadek, Libertarian 
  • Leroy Lopez, Legalize Marijuana Now 

South Dakota 

South Dakota Governor 

  • Jamie Smith, Democrat 
  • Tracey Quint, Libertarian 
  • Incumbent Kristi Noem, Republican 

South Dakota Secretary of State 

  • Thomas Cool, Democrat 
  • Monae Johnson, Republican 

South Dakota State Auditor 

  • Stephanie Marty, Democrat 
  • Rene Meyer, Libertarian 
  • Richard Sattgast, Republican 

South Dakota State Treasurer 

  • John Cunningham, Democrat 
  • Incumbent Josh Haeder, Republican  



Iowa State Senate 

District 1 

  • Jackie Smith, Democrat 
  • Rocky De Witt, Republican 

District 6 

  • Jason Schultz, Republican 
  • David Davis, Libertarian 

Iowa State Representative 

District 2 

  • Steve Hansen, Democrat 
  • Robert Henderson, Republican 

District 6 

  • James Eliason, Democrat 
  • Megan Jones, Republican 

District 10 

  • John Wills, Republican 
  • Dan Wahl, Independent 

District 13  

  • Ken Carlson, Republican 
  • Amy Janowski, Libertarian 


Nebraska Legislature  

Nebraska is the only state that is unicameral, meaning they don’t have democratic or republican parties. Instead, the Nebraska Legislature handles making laws and using funds.  

Candidates for Nebraska Legislature are as follows:  

District 16 

  • Incumbent Ben Hansen 
  • Connie Petersen 

District 22 

  • Incumbent Mike Moser 
  • Roy Zach 

District 40 

  • Barry DeKay 
  • Incumbent Keith Kube 

South Dakota 

South Dakota State Senate  

District 16 

  • Donn Larson, Democrat 
  • Incumbent Jim Bolin, Republican 
  • Brian Burge, Independent 

District 18 

  • Fredrick Bender, Democrat 
  • Incumbent Jean Hunhoff, Republican 

South Dakota State Representative  

District 16

(This district requires two representatives) 

  • Matt Ness, Democrat 
  • Incumbent Kevin Jensen, Republican 
  • Karla Lems, Republican 

District 17

(This district requires two representatives) 

  • Bekki Engquist-Schroeder, Democrat 
  • Bill Shorma, Republican 
  • Chris Kassin, Republican 

District 18

(This district requires two representatives) 

Incumbent Ryan Cwach, Democrat 

Jay Williams, Democrat 

Julie Auch, Republican 

Incumbent Mike Stevens, Republican 


Ballot Measures allow voters to use their vote to decide on laws, bonding issues, or constitutional amendments.  


Right to Bear Arms – Constitution Amended 

  • Yes 
  • No 


Proposed Amendment 1 – Airport service expansion 

  • For 
  • Against 

Initiated Measure 432 – Photo ID for Voting 

  • For 
  • Against 

Initiated Measure 433 – $15 minimum wage 

  • For 
  • Against 

South Dakota 

Amendment D – Medicaid Expansion 

 Title: An initiated amendment to the South Dakota Constitution expanding Medicaid eligibility. 

  • Yes 
  • No 

Initiated Measure 27 – Marijuana Legalization 

Title: An initiated measure legalizing the possession, use, and distribution of marijuana. 

  • Yes 
  • No 



Woodbury County Attorney 

County Attorney’s oversee the prosecuting criminal violations and enforce forfeited bonds.  

Candidates for Woodbury County Attorney are as follows:  

  • Incumbent Patrick Jennings, Democrat  
  • James Loomis Republican 

County Supervisors

County Supervisors oversee county planning such as budgeting, drainage districts, zoning, public safety, public health, etc. Some counties are broken down into districts, so they may have a board of supervisors to represent the area as a whole. 

County Supervisor candidates are as follows:  

Woodbury County Supervisor District 2 

  • Jeremy Dumkrieger, Democrat 
  • Daniel Bittinger, Republican 

Monona County Supervisor District 2 

  • Incumbent Tom Brouillette, Democrat 
  • Sandy Bubke, Independent 

Sioux County Supervisor District 3 

  • Dan Altena, Republican 
  • John Skilbred, Democrat 


County Commissioners

County Commissioners are like County Supervisors, but their duties will vary by area.  

Candidates for County Commissioners are as follows:  

Dakota County Commisioner 

  • Martin Hohenstein, Republican 
  • Brian VanBerkum, Republican 
  • Incumbent Larry Albenesius, Democrat 
  • James Hartnett, Democrat 

Dakota County Treasurer 

Incumbent Dawn Bousquet, Republican 

Jolene Heinemann, Democrat 


Mayors manage public relations regarding their respective cities.  

Candidates for Mayor on the ballot are as follows:  

Oakland Mayor (Burt County) 

  • Incumbent Ted Beckner  
  • Dan Jacobs 

Tekamah Mayor (Burt County) 

  • Incumbent Ronald Grass 
  • Jane Walford 

Norfolk City Council Ward 4 (Madison County) 

  • Incumbent Andrew McCarthy 
  • Zach Steiner 

South Dakota 

Clay County Commissioner At-Large

(this position requires two representatives) 

  • Geoffrey Gray-Lobe, Democrat 
  • Constance Moore Nelsen, Democrat 
  • David Thiesse, Republican 
  • James Bohnsack, Republican 

Yankton County Commissioner At-Large

(this position requires two representatives) 

  • John Marquardt, Republican 
  • Ryan Heine, Republican 
  • Incumbent Dan Klimisch, Republican 
  • Incumbent Cheri Loest, Independent 
  • Matt Evans, Independent 

North Sioux City Ballot Measure 5 – Cap on Medical Cannabis Establishments 

  • Yes 
  • No