What should Siouxlanders do when bats invade a home?

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Squirrels, mice, and bats are just some of the pests that can sneak into your home through crevices and cause damage.

“Yeah, I have problems with small animals in my house this time of year.”

The Siouxland Bat Company gave KCAU a few tips on how to handle them if they get into your house.

“I know people think that just grabbing the one bat that they see solves their problem but really, colonies are in their attics,” Bockelmann said. “Just because you get a bat in the house and hear something, it could be more of a fluke deal where the bats are actually quiet animals, and they generally are in colonies tucked up in a corner in an attic somewhere so people could have bats and not even know it.”

He says trying to grab bats is both ineffective and dangerous. That’s why it’s important to focus on what he calls the exclusion process.

“Focus on the outside of people’s homes by sealing up potential entries and have an exclusion process so the bats can leave and not get back in.”

Siouxlanders might need to hire an expert to take care of this process, however.

“Just having us come out and take a look up in the attic just to see what kind of evidence could be up there, from guano or urine stains in the insulation could save you thousands of dollars in the future.”

When bats are in your home, they do not chew on structural components. However, most bat droppings could result in damage to certain structures causing corrosion, wood decay, or stains.

Bockelmann says different types of vents and window screens can help keep bats out, as well as chimney caps.

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