SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A new trend spreading across the nation is “no mow” or “less mow May”.

In the initiative aims to help pollinators get a good start for the year by letting plants like dandelions and clover grow. These plants are weeds to most homeowners but an early food for helpful bugs. Kcau 9 spoke with Madeline Widman of the Iowa State Extension Office to learn more about the trend.

“So there isn’t a lot of flowering plants in the spring of the dandelions and the clover, that’s one of the first things that come up in the spring so that’s what they’re looking for. There are some flowers in the trees where they get pollen from but the dandelions provide a great food source,” Widman said.

It’s important to note what your city’s mowing ordinance is before participating in a trend like this.

In the city of Sioux City, residents cannot have their grass be 12 inches high. In South Sioux City, the maximum height is 8 inches and in North Sioux City, grass cannot be 7 inches tall.

If homeowners violate this ordinance, they will face a fine.

That being said, the city of Sioux City suggests folks plant a pollinator garden to help the bugs out while also keeping your lawn in shape.