Wet corn delays harvest season

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This year, most of the corn yield is about five to six percent wetter than previous years.

CRAIG, Iowa (KCAU) –This year’s unusually wet season is continuing to impact farmers and is trickling down in the agriculture industry.

This year, most of the corn yield is about five to six percent wetter than previous years. Craig’s Co-op said they expect to be drying corn non-stop for at least the next two weeks.

“It’s a long harvest and hopefully, the weather holds out so we can get it all done before snow flys,” said Brandon Popken, a farmer.

For weeks now, farmers have been working to harvest their crops as quickly as they can, but all of the moisture continues to slow down the process.

“It is a wetter corn crop than we are used to,” said Schurr.

Doug Schurr is the general manager of Craig’s elevator. He tests each load of corn coming in.

“The average moisture is probably like 20 percent. There are a few guys that have some drier corn, and some guys are drying corn at their house and bringing it in dry, but 85 to 90 percent of the corn coming in now is 20 percent wet,” said Schurr.

About 200 thousand bushels of wet corn get delivered to the co-op each day.

“The drying process takes our particular dryer we dry about 6 thousand bushels an hour,” said Schurr.

Their dryer is running non-stop at the co-op, requiring a lot of fuel.

“The demands on propane. Can we get propane? Is it available? A lot of the facilities use natural gas, but it just slows down harvest due to so many bushels coming in, and the majority needing to be dried,” said Schurr.

All of the dryings also affect farmers’ paychecks for this years’ harvest.

“It costs a little bit more for drying, but it’s all part of it I guess,” said Popken.

The bright side of this year’s late, wet harvest many farmers said they’re still seeing some good yields despite the flooding this spring.

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