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Westfield residents celebrate Matt Bohr Day

WESTFIELD, Iowa - Several years ago, an Iowan by the name of Matt Bohr went to a bar with his friends and played on the pull tab machines that people at that bar were trying to win at all day.

Well, Matt pulled the winning tab three times at Hummers Roadhouse Bar & Grill in Westfield when no one else could even get one and the bartender said it was Matt's lucky day.

Some people at that bar who already had a couple drinks in them made an actual day out of it and the rest is history. But all those who participate say it couldn't go to a more deserving person. 

"Matt is ex-military. He was in the Marines, an unassuming young man. He's always been nice to everyone that I've every known. He's just always been a nice kid growing up and he's a great individual and for him to be able to allow us to continue on with this just says something about him that he's a fun loving guy and that he just likes people so kudos to him," says Bill Hummel.

Matt Bohr says he's all for it and it gives people an excuse to come out to Westfield, Iowa and get together for some drinks. 

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