SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Western Iowa Tech has revealed the logo for the athletics teams.

According to a release from WITCC, their logo is inspired by the mascot, the Comets, and represents a long fifty-year history as Siouxland’s community college. They said that they believe this logo will give them a strong visual identity and help embrace the excitement that sports will bring to the college.

“After months of marketing research, we are excited to present a logo the teams and fans can really behind and support, said WITCC President Terry Murrell.

WITCC announced that they had been approved to start basketball, cheer, esports, soccer, and volleyball programs by the National Junior College Athletics Association (NJCAA).

“This process is coming together. We have a lot going on as we build our coaching staff and get our facilities ready. Having the mascot and logo visually solidified makes it all more real as we build or athletics brand,” said Athletic Director Mike Brown.

Along with the logo, the school showcased a color scheme of navy blue, lime green, and white. The logo has been implemented on the college’s website and will be on athletic recruitment material. The college plans to add Comets apparel with the new logo later this fall.