SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The suspect of the Sep. 21 fatal shooting on West 19th Street has been transferred to Woodbury County from South Sioux City.

On Sep. 22 the West 19th Street shooting suspect was arrested by the South Sioux City Police Department and charged with first-degree murder.

According to court documents, on Oct. 5, Mario Alberto Corona Ruiz, 21, of Sioux City was transferred from the South Sioux City Police Department to the Woodbury County Jail on account of an arrest warrant.

On Sep. 21, Ruiz was driving down an alleyway near West 20th Street in a full-size white SUV, approaching the intersection of the alley and Center Street where the vehicle came to a stop. Ruiz spoke to the victim of the shooting, Micheal Scherbach, at the stop.

After the conversation, Secherbach turned and walked away from the vehicle and Ruiz shot him. Two witnesses called the police. At 5:13 a.m. Sioux City Police officers were dispatched to the location.

Secherbach received first aid from officers and was taken to the hospital via ambulance where he was later pronounced dead.

Court documents say Ruiz is being held in the Woodbury County Jail for first-degree murder with a $1 million bond.