SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — When Kortney Barbee let her cat Rambo outside in her front yard last Friday, a frightening incident followed shortly afterward.

“Might be a younger maybe teenage girl in our front yard struggling with Rambo,” Barbee said. “We ran upstairs and they were already gone.”

Her cat has been missing ever since. Barbee filed a report with the Sioux City Police. Officer Valerie Rose said while incidents like these are rare, crime can happen at any moment.

“It only takes just a matter of seconds for somebody to untie that leash and be able to take your pet, your family member,” Rose said. “So, when we’re looking at crime prevention, first and foremost is education and awareness.”

Finding your pet after it’s been stolen or ran away can be tough but Cindy Rarrat with the Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue Center said Siouxlanders should take action to protect their pets.

“Every animal that gets reclaimed from our shelter gets microchipped before it leaves for several reasons,” Rarrat said. “It helps us to help them. It helps also the owners help get their pets back more readily if they ever become lost.”

If you know any information about Rambo, you can contact Barbee at (712) 870-1428.