SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — On Monday morning, a Sioux City teen was traveling on a motorbike when another vehicle was seen running a red light and hitting the boy.  

Mikai Jordan was on his way home from East High School when he reached the intersection of Lincoln Way and South Lakeport Street. His father, Chad Jordan, told KCAU 9 that Mikai was proceeding through a green light when an SUV failed to yield to a red light and struck the teen.  

Security camera footage from a nearby security camera captured the entirety of the incident, and a woman can be seen getting out of the SUV that hit Mikai. The video shows that the woman begins heading toward the teen as civilians tried to help him, and after about a minute she’s seen walking back towards the vehicle and talking on the phone. Nearly two minutes after the vehicle struck the teen, the woman can be seen getting back into the SUV and driving away.  

“One miracle thing that happened in this, and there’s many little miracles, but my wife was leaving for work at the same time, and she actually had pulled up to the intersection and was stopped at the intersection and witnessed the entire accident, but she did not know it was her son that was riding the bike until she got out,” said Chad Jordan, “She was the first person to get up to him to assist him, ‘cause he was trying to get up and she was going to comfort him and tell him to lay back down. When she got up to him, put her hand on his should, she immediately realized it was her son. And at that point, she shouted out, ‘Oh, my God, this is my son.’” 

Chad Jordan indicated that the woman who was driving the SUV had gotten out of her vehicle and came over to them, but she stayed about 10 feet away from Mikai and his mother. Chad Jordan indicated that they believe when the woman heard his wife say that Mikai was her son the woman turned and left.  

Shortly after the woman was seen leaving the incident, emergency responders arrived and took Mikai to receive treatment. It was around this time that Chad Jordan arrived and was able to ride in the ambulance with his son.  

Mikai sustained several injuries including a concussion, his jaw being broken in three spots, some broken teeth, and several scrapes, bruises, and road rash. Chad Jordan stated that Mikai had to undergo surgery but was able to be released from the hospital and be taken care of at home.  

“He’s devastated, you know, his whole world has changed, instantly,” said Chad Jordan, “[…] we’re not really even sure exactly how he survived. Given the accident itself – right from the beginning cops, paramedics, doctors said, you know, it’s a miracle he survived.”  

Chad Jordan confirmed that Mikai was wearing a helmet during the incident, which largely would have contributed to his son’s survival. He also indicated that the police told him that the woman had called the police during the incident, but she hung up before officials could get any further questions answered.  

According to Chad Jordan, officials have not made contact with the woman but parts of her vehicle were obtained from the scene of the incident. He added that a neighbor was able to provide footage that captured the entirety of the events that took place that morning.  

“One thing I want to make very clear is that we prayed for this individual because we know that they have to be going through a lot being involved in this, and so we’ve been praying for them,” said Chad Jordan, “We forgave this individual, you know, almost within the first couple hours of it happening. We have no animosity towards this person, but we just think for the best for [Mikai] and the family for us to be able to move forward.”

Photo courtesy of Chad Jordan

Ensuring that Mikai’s recovery is the number one concern of the Jordan family, and according to Chad Jordan, a large part of his recovery includes his mental health too. He said that Mikai had been training nearly every day for the upcoming football season and he will now have to miss the first game due to his injuries. While he’s reluctantly accepted that his recovery will prevent him from playing, a visit from the East High School football team has helped raise his spirits.  

“The day after his surgery, the entire team came over after practice and the coaching staff, and one-by-one came in, pounded it with him, and just gave him the love and support there that he needed from them,” said Chad Jordan.  

Chad Jordan said that the incident has been difficult for the Jordan family, and support from family, friends, and the community through their church as well as the Sioux City Jeep Club has been overwhelming and helped to make a positive impact on Mikai’s recovery.  

While Mikai’s recovery is the Jordan family’s main focus, they also are seeking to find out who the individual involved in the incident is.  

“We would love to be able to get in contact with that person,” said Chad Jordan, “That’s probably one of the other big things is just trying to reach out to friends and family and everybody and see if anybody can help us figure out who [she] is.”  

The accident report listed the involved vehicle to be estimated as a GMC Terrain based on the debris that was obtained from the crash. Authorities are still looking for the individual and anyone with information is asked to call the Sioux City Police Department.