WAYNE, Neb. (KCAU) — A Nebraska community welcomes pilots from around the world this weekend.

The Wayne America fly-in is back for its third year. Organizers told KCAU 9 more than 40 pilots are registered for this year. That’s the most the event has ever seen. Travis Meyer is the co-founder of Wayne America fly-in. He says pilots travel from all across the U.S. for this event and they enjoy seeing what siouxland has to offer

“We got a great area of the country and I really don’t like when people say you know it’s fly-over country. You know what? This is the best place to land and meet people and see what Siouxland is about,” Meyer said.

Collin Caneva is one of the pilots participating in the fly-in. He said this event is a great way for both new and experienced people to share a love of aviation together.

“Obviously that’s my passion is to do the flying but really it’s the community and camaraderie of the pilots from all over the country. I mean we’ve all become family and brothers and sisters and the best part about what we do is we get to introduce new people to this sport at every event,” Caneva said.

The pilots competed in various events on Friday and afterward, there will be a bonfire and a band performing. The action will resume on Saturday.