Wayne State College professor awaits decision determining her position with the school

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A Wayne State College professor is on paid administrative leave, after she was escorted off campus in October. A hearing today could determine her fate, but some students say their questions about what happened haven’t been answered. 
Students are confused as to why their professor is on paid administrative leave and they haven’t received any information as to why. The students wanted to have the opportunity to show their support during a hearing, but they were locked out. 
“Her academic, her professional career, is on the line in this hearing and that’s why we’re out here showing support,” said Nate Neary, a Wayne State College student. 
This week, students were either studying for finals, going home for the holiday break or standing in unity for a professor that they hold dear to their hearts.
“Whatever happens, I hope for the best, but either way I’m always going to be there for her,” said WSC student Annie Kucera. 
Dr. Karen Walker, a psychology professor, was escorted off campus in October of this year due to a “personnel matter” between the college. Students say they want answers because they don’t think the situation was handled correctly. 
“What this college could have done to prevent some of the outrageous and ridiculous rumors as to why Dr. Walker has been dismissed is given a public statement, given some form of validation to us the supporters of why she has been removed, and we just would have appreciated that, we truly would have. There have been some scandalous and just outrageous rumors spread across this campus as to why she has been removed,” said Neary. 
A hearing containing faculty members and attorneys was held today, but was closed off from students and the public. The school’s director of college relation says that everything is being handled according to the Nebraska State College System and hat the matter simply can’t be discussed per faculty contract. 
“Trust the process. We aren’t faceless bureaucrats. Each of us has a job to do. We’re all seasoned professionals…been here for a long time. We take our jobs very seriously and trust the process. These aren’t administrators that are hearing this case. These are peers. These are four faculty members that are hearing the evidence and then based on that evidence will render a recommendation for Dr. Rames,” said Jay Collier, Director of College Relations at WSC. 
on Friday to give the college president a recommendation for a decision. Once Dr. Walker’s fate is determined, she has the option to appeal it and take matters into the hands of the Nebraska State College System Chancellor. If she does not like the Chancellor’s decision, she will then have the option to take it to court.

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