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A school year that is expected to see many changes after classes were switched to online this spring due to COVID 19.

WAYNE, Neb. (KCAU) – While summer is just beginning, many colleges are making planning for the fall school year, one that is expected to see many changes after classes were switched to online this spring due to COVID 19.

“Something about being online just doesn’t feel the same,” said Andrew Christ, a student at Wayne State College.

Andrew Christ, like many other students at wayne state college, had to finish his spring semester online because of COVID 19.

“You don’t have that one on one with a teacher, and you also don’t have that interaction with your fellow classmates and as much constructive criticism and cooperating with people in general,” said Christ.

The president of Wayne State College says they are currently planning for in-person classes this fall beginning a week earlier than usual.

“When we are in this situation, we thought what a great opportunity to move the calendar up a week and then reshuffle some of the fall breaks we had and then we can get students done by Thanksgiving which is good for the environment that we are in with the public health situation,” said Marysz Rames the president of Wayne State College.

“I’m sure everybody is pretty excited to come back and have life be normal again as normal as it kinda can be,” said Christ.

The school will be adding more sanitation stations around campus and is still planning the best way to keep their students safe.

“This is a crisis like higher education has never faced. And to be at this campus with this leadership team, this group of faculty and staff, these students who were willing to move swiftly and be nimble and flexible and continue to work with us as we move into a fall semester is just an unbelieveable experence,” said Rames.

“It definitely feels safe to be on campus and the whole college is looking out for our safety is their number one priority,” Said Christ.

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