City of Wayne, Neb. decides on extending mask mandate

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WAYNE, Neb. (KCAU) — Wayne City Council started their meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday. One of the topics of discussion being whether or not to extend the mask mandate. Wayne residents spoke about what they hope the outcome will be.

“I like the masks, because I have an auto immune disorder, and I feel like I need to protect my body, otherwise it’s just negligent, for me,” Jamie Young said.

“I think it should be optional,” said Aimee Svenson. “You know, some people don’t like them. I can’t breathe in them, it makes me break out.”

“It absolutely needs to be renewed,” Charlene Rasmussen said. “The pandemic is not over. It’s going to get worse if we get more of the resistant strains coming and we’ve scarcely begun to vaccinate. I’m 75 years old and i haven’t been called for a vaccine yet, my 80+ friends haven’t either.”

“I absolutely think it should be enforced, I work at a grocery store so everyone comes through with their opinions on it and I’m just like, why is it such a bad civilian thing to just, do it for everyone’s common health,” said Ryan Does.

Many local employees are frustrated by people refusing to wear a mask.

“It’s honestly kind of exhausting after a while, because it’s like, please just do it, is it too much to ask? As a parent, I’m like, no. I don’t think it’s too much to ask, and is it an infringement? I think it’s a mild inconvenience.”

Health officials and medical experts are meeting with them to help make the right decision. If the mandate is extended, the council will decide if they need to set a new expiration date or if vaccinations are at a percentage close enough to end the mandate.

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