CARROLL, Iowa (KCAU) — Some recently released, heart-stopping video comes from what started as a normal traffic stop in 2021 for Carroll police.

With the car and 2 people inside stopped on the roadside officers received word the passenger, Dennis Guider Jr. had an outstanding warrant in Illinois. When Officer Patrick McCarty asked him to step outside the vehicle Guider pushed the driver out of the car and jumped behind the wheel taking off.

McCarty stepped in front of the car and eventually ended up on the car’s hood. The incident was captured on McCarty’s body cam and the dash cam of another responding police car.

“Stop the car.”

The dramatic incident lasted about a minute, the officer remaining on the hood of the car until Guider crossed a small ditch and Officer McCarty lost his grip, tumbling across the ground while the car sped away. McCarty reportedly broke his back in the incident and has fully recovered from the injury.

Guider Jr., the man behind the wheel is currently serving time in an Illinois prison on a separate charge. In March he pleaded guilty in Carroll County to serious injury by vehicle, a felony. Last week he was sentenced to up to five years in an Iowa prison… after his Illinois sentence is finished.