SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Woodbury County Sheriff held a press conference Thursday afternoon regarding the Wednesday night incident in Sergeant Bluff that ended with a suspect dead and a deputy injured.

Sheriff Chad Sheehan said two deputies from the Woodbury County Sheriff’s office, along with an officer from Sergeant Bluff Police Department responded to the call, and all three were wearing body cameras, but the footage will not be released until they have been reviewed.

Sheehan said after the suspect was shot, deputies immediately administered CPR until EMS arrived.

When the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have completed their investigation, it will be turned over to the Woodbury County Attorney’s office.

“I want to take a minute and thank the men and women who have dedicated their life to the law enforcement profession and who are willing to risk their own lives to serve and protect the public,” said Sheehan, “This incident is a reminder that law enforcement officers are faced with literally split-second decisions, that their lives can be placed in imminent danger at any moment.”

On Wednesday just before 6:00 p.m., two Woodbury County Deputies responded to a report of a burglary at Woodford Mobile Home Park in Sergeant Bluff. According to a release from Iowa’s Department of Criminal Investigation, a witness directed them to a man trying to break into a trailer home.

Sheehan said the suspect “immediately” advanced on the deputies with the weapon, and one of the deputies tried to fire their taser but it was ineffective on the suspect.

The second deputy was hit with a tire iron then fired their gun at the suspect, according to the release. The suspect was taken to Mercy Hospital in Sioux City where he died from the wound.

The deputy who was injured was transported to UnityPoint hospital in Sioux City for their injuries. The deputy was released from the hospital a short time later and both deputies were placed on paid administrative leave following a standard procedure.

View the press conference below.