SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — As temperatures get warmer, more and more construction is taking place. That’s no exception as the eastern part of Gordon Drive becomes Highway 20 outside of Sioux City’s city limits.

Road construction has been taking place on Highway 20 between Sioux City and Lawton since late March. At the time, Dakin Schultz with the Iowa DOT told KCAU 9 that the reconstruction will stretch from the bridge at the interchange east two miles until Little Whiskey Creek near Carroll Avenue.

As part of the construction, exit ramp 4A from northbound Highway 75 to eastbound Highway 20 has been closed. Traffic needing to go onto eastbound Highway 20 now takes exit 4B and will turn left at Highway 20.

Schultz also said that the project is aimed at being proactive about the eastward growth of the Sioux City Metro.

Traffic lights have since been installed since the start of the project. Schultz told KCAU 9 that traffic lights would help control the congestion of vehicles at the interchange, saying that the Iowa DOT reported 23 collisions in five years in the area.

The Iowa DOT states that as the construction is in progress, there are height, width, weight, and axle load limits in effect through December 14. They are as follows:

  • Height limit – 15’0″
  • Width limit – 13’0″
  • Weight limit – 156,000 lbs.
  • Axle weight limit – 20,000 lbs

During peak traffic times, traffic has slowed in the area. Watch the player above for a real-time look at the traffic. You can also visit the Iowa 511 website for other construction and traffic cameras.