Wakonda barn, car collection damaged in storm

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Early Wednesday morning parts of Siouxland were hit by severe storms that caused major damage to some areas, including Wakonda, South Dakota.

Jerry Loen heard his weather alert go off at 6:15 am. He watched the tin roof of his shed get taken off by the wind. That’s when he took his family to the basement to wait out the storm.

“Everybody talks about hearing, I don’t know if it’s a tornado or straight line winds, I don’t know what it was. I’ve heard worse winds that didn’t destroy anything. You know it didn’t make that much noise,” he said.

While the house was not severely damaged, the barn where Loen keeps his collection of classic cars was destroyed.  He says he is thankful no one was hurt during the storms. As for Loen’s cars, he doesn’t know exactly how much the damage will cost. But he does know how much he lost.

“The barn part of this barn, you know an old barn that this is where my wife grew up and my daughter got married here in 2012 an outside wedding and we had the reception in the barn part of it. So losing the old, old family barn really hurts me more than losing my cars,” he said.

Loen said he’s very grateful to his neighbors who helped him clean up his property.

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