Voter Registrations Numbers Increase ahead of Caucus

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Newly released data from the Iowa Secretary of State’s office shows that an increased number of Iowans have registered to vote. 
From January 1st – 28th alone, 2,355 people registered as democrats in Iowa. An increase of about 2,100 democrats from the previous month, according to the Iowa Secretary of State’s office. 
In that same time period, 1,914 republicans also signed up to participate in the nomination process. 
Tim Mitchell, Secretary of the Woodbury County GOP, says due to the same-day registration option on caucus night , voter turnout is expected to be even higher than registration numbers show. 
“If I’m interpreting the numbers correctly we do expect a high turnout, ” said Mitchell. 
Longtime Democratic Activist and Senior Woodbury County Democratic Advisor Tim Bottaro told ABC9 the spike in voter registration is an indication of the excitement voters have for the candidates. 
“People apparently are excited about the candidates, so they want to go out and register,” said Bottaro. 
Whether you’re democrat, republican, independent or undecided, political experts say voters are ready to be heard.
“On the democratic side I have to say this; we have a candidate that may be the first woman president, that gets people excited,” said Bottaro. “We have Bernie Sanders who has caught fire among young people and new people who haven’t been involved in the process. The O’Malley campaign as well,” said Bottaro. 
On the republican side, Mitchell says voters are seeing a new, uncensored form of politics that is many Iowans find appealing. 
“Well I think there are a lot of people that are angry out there about the way things are going; this is on both sides, democrats and republicans both,” said Mitchell. “They’re frustrated that nothing is getting done in Washington and they want to see it changed,” said mitchell. 

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