SAC CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Quilts of Valor, also known as freedom quilts, have been made for veterans nationwide since 2003. Now, a group of Siouxland veterans is receiving their quilts.

In Sac County, Quilts of Valor were made for 36 veterans serving at various points in American history. This, a record amount of quilts given out in Sac County for one event.

“I’m especially thankful to the creators of the quilt especially. I know Linda… and many others were involved and it’s good to be recognized 50 years later. I especially want to thank those fellow veterans who actually saw action and saw a lot of tough situations,” US Army Veteran Ray Leege said.

“I was very honored to be nominated for it and I don’t feel that I did much in the service, not like some other people. I’m really thankful for the recognition though,” US Air Force Veteran Armin Christiansen said.

Sue Peyton is a volunteer for the Sac County Quilters since Quilts of Valor planted roots there in 2013. She says this year’s event took a team effort to accomplish.

“We started with nine quilts, and we’ve grown every year. I believe there are 16 or 17 different quilters today that are presenting these quilts. There are some quilters that have four, there are some that have one, there are many that have two, so it just depends. We estimate that each quilt has about $350 worth of material cost in it,” Sue Peyton said.

Peyton says donations ranging from $250 to $4,000 helped make it all possible.

“We have a group in Sac County called 100 People Who Care Sac County, who that group makes grants to nonprofit groups. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Thrivent insurance. Many of our members have Thrivent and they’ve gotten grants that have helped us buy fabric and batting,” Peyton said.

Honoring those who helped keep our country free.

“I’m encouraged, I guess, to use it and so watching TV I’ll be covered up I think on my comfort chair and remembering again some of the situations that we had many years ago in the military,” Leege said.

“It takes a village to do this, and we’re grateful for the village around us,” Peyton said.