Vermillion residents create safe, fun activity for their kids to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

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Like most towns in Siouxland right now, fewer people are out in the community of Vermillion, but that hasn't stopped the town from celebrating St. Patricks Day and having some safe fun for their children.

VERMILLION, S.D. (KCAU) – Most Siouxland residents are currently spending a lot of time inside their homes due to the coronavirus outbreak in Iowa.

Being indoors creates social distancing in the communities in order to keep everyone as safe as possible, but one town has come up with a unique way to stay connected.

Like most towns in Siouxland, fewer people are out in the community of Vermillion, but that hasn’t stopped the town from celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and having some safe, fun for their children.

“People post up shamrocks that they made around town and then people go around town and see how many shamrocks they can find,” said James Welch, a 10-year-old from Vermillion.

Vermillion residents are displaying the lucky symbol of shamrocks around town, in a time that many need good fortune the most.

“Dr. Diamond Welch, who is a researcher in the medical school, came up with this idea around St. Patrick’s Day that we would put up shamrocks in the windows of our homes and our businesses and then the kids can go around and try to find them,” said Martin Prendergast, an owner of the Bean.

“We are trying to make it fun and so that kids and parents can get out and still be able to get outside and have some fun. Be able to do some things but within a smaller circle or the family instead of a bigger circle of friends where they could possibly be spreading the virus,” said Kevin Brady, Vermillion resident.

With over 30 shamrocks around town, some kids said it’s just what they need.

“It was actually quite fun!” said Welch.

“What made it so fun?” asked KCAU 9’s, Jessica Watson.

“Well, it was like a treasure hunt except it was really easy to find,” said Welch.

Many residents in Vermillion have been sharing their experience hunting for shamrocks with their kids, providing laughter and joy during a difficult time.

“It’s been kinda electric to see that while we’re shut in and it’s kinda disappointing to be shut in but at the same time we can do some things to make it fun for everybody,” said Brady.

“I have a total of 29 of them I think, I think that’s what I counted,” said Welch.

Some business owners in Vermillion are already brainstorming the next social distancing scavenger hunt which they plan to incorporate with social media for the next time.

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