SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A verdict has been reached in a Sioux City murder trial.

Closing arguments for the trial of Dwight Evans were presented on Wednesday, and on Thursday, a verdict was reached.

The jury has found Dwight Evans, 18, guilty of first-degree murder and going armed with intent in the shooting death of a man named Martez Harrison, 22. The shooting took place in early May of 2021 when Evans was 17.

Evans was also charged of controlled substance violation and failure to affix a drug tax stamp. Those charges will be pursued in a separate trial.

Early on May 1, 2021, officers were called to a Sioux City bar. They said Evans and Lawrence Canady, 21, tried to enter the bar but were turned away. They both told a bartender they were waiting for Harrison and were armed. While Harrison was outside waiting for a ride, an argument allegedly started between himself and Canady. Later, Harrison’s girlfriend came to pick him up at the bar, but, Canady assaulted her. Harrison tried to intervene and a fight began. Evans then allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Harrison. Canady kept hitting Harrison before he and Evans fled the scene. The two were located later by officers.

Canady was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter, serious assault, and willful injury causing bodily injury in December 2021 and sentenced in February 2022.