VERMILLION, S.D (KCAU) — The University of South Dakota Knudson School of Law will be able to take a course focused on Taylor Swift.

This spring semester, students at the University of South Dakota Knudson School of Law will be able to take a course focused on Taylor Swift. The course will encourage them to think about the legal environment from a new perspective.

In a new course offered by Professor Sean Kammer, J.D., Ph.D., students will have the opportunity to learn about a pop music icon and how her life, legacy in the music industry and impact on culture intertwine with the law.

The course will be offered next spring for second and third-year law students. They will use Swift’s music and lyrics, as well as her celebrity persona, her massive following, and her interactions with the legal system, to provide students with insights into legal philosophy, legal culture, and legal rhetoric.

Students will also use debates over music interpretation as an analogy for the competing theories of legal interpretation.

The Swift focus learning will encourage them to question why they gravitate to a particular theory, while also understanding each theory’s strengths and limitations.

Kammer was inspired to create this course after several interactions with students who are avowed “Swifties,” as well as his personal experiences with Swift and her music, specifically his experience attending her Eras Tour in Minneapolis. “The vibes are just so positive, and they got me to thinking whether there were lessons for law as it comes to the fostering of a healthy, vibrant and supportive community,” he said.