SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Explorers fans will see some upgrades to the team’s home ballpark.

City council members have approved the purchase of more than 800 new seats for the Lewis and Clark Park and they’re set to be delivered in August.

Mayor Pro Tem Dan Moore said that’s the earlier delivery date for the seats due to supply chain issues.

“Once they come in, we’ll get them installed. We don’t want to interrupt the season, but we’ll get them installed. We have 80 seats coming in. I just want to remind everyone of that. That we’re taking steps to do what we can as a city to help the situation. We want the Explorers to succeed and we want them to continue to be in Sioux City,” said Moore.

The Explorers’ owner told the Sioux City Journal that the team would no longer play at Lewis and Clark Park if the city did not replace the more than 3,000 plastic seats at the stadium. Lewis and Clark opened in 1993.