SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A company proposing a CO2 pipeline project through Woodbury County provided an update to the County Board of Supervisors Tuesday night.

Navigator updated the Heartland Greenway Project to the Board about the economic impact and the impact on landowners.

The update included a map that shows an outline of where they plan to build the pipeline in the county.

It would run through almost 28 miles of land in Woodbury County.

“Engagement and transparency are key to the Navigator culture and what we want. Folks that we’re partnering with, be that plants that are part of our line or landowners that are potentially part of the project footprint to see from us,” said Elizabeth Thompson.

Board President Keith Radig said, “As a Board of Supervisors we just want to make sure that our landowners are properly compensated for their land in the process moving forward and we do not want to see eminent domain as part of the process.”

The Heartland Greenway Project plans to run a pipeline through all three Siouxland states.