SCHALLER, Iowa (KCAU) – A more than $15 million bond would help the Schaller-Crestland Elementary School become a more modern learning facility, but some folks in town have mixed feelings about current plans.

“So far I’d have to say I’m against the bond. Not necessarily that I don’t think it’s a necessity in the future, but I think this has been kind of a rushed deal and the public wasn’t aware of a lot of the information early enough to make an educated decision on it,” Schaller resident Cory Tiefenthaler said.

In November, Schaller, Early, and Nemaha residents will have their say on a more than $15 million bond that would go toward revamping Schaller-Crestland Elementary.

“We would add six new classrooms to the building. We would renovate an additional six classrooms worth of space so it would be a combined twelve classrooms and that would include a special education center, some middle school classrooms, some upgraded elementary classes as well,” School Superintendent Adam Bisenius said.

Superintendent Adam Bisenius says the school has been overdue for improvements.

“The building itself needs to be updated and 21st-century learning looks different than it did then, we’re looking to build those collaborative spaces for students in the classrooms to give them a more modernized experience,” Bisenius said.

A 60% super-majority is needed to pass. Bisenius explains how the bond would impact local taxes.

“Essentially if your house is assessed at, for residential purposes, if your house is assessed at 100,000 dollars, that’s going to increase your taxes right around 17 dollars a month,” Bisenius said.

However, it hasn’t necessarily been smooth sailing to get the community on board with the bond.

“Most of the people at least that I’ve talked to from Early and Nemaha area and this felt like this has been rushed and that they haven’t been presented with enough information to make a good choice,” Tiefenthaler said

The total population of Early, Nemaha, and Schaller is about 1,400 people. So, if everyone votes, nearly 850 people would need to vote yes to pass.