SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — With snow totals Friday much lower compared to what had been predicted in Sioux City, snow removal businesses have taken another hit in what’s been an abnormally dry winter.

“Just right before Christmas we got that snow but I mean after that, we haven’t gotten anything, we’ve just been struggling,” said Jose Sebastian of J&V Landscaping and Housekeeping, LLC.

Sebastian has plowed snow for a full decade now in Sioux City and said he can’t remember a winter this dry.

“Throughout every winter, we normally get 8 or 10 snow but now it’s barely one. So we’re mid-January already so what’s coming? Who knows?” said Sebastian.

His estimate is not far off. According to the National Weather Service during an average winter season, Sioux City would have twelve days of measurable snowfall to this point. So far this year? Just three days.

Sebastian said the dry climate has forced his coworkers at J&V Landscaping to find other ways to supplement their income during the cold days.

“I almost thought of looking for a part-time for now but I hope not, you know? I’ll stick around,” said Sebastian.

Many are thankful Sebastian’s not giving up yet, despite just two inches of snow expected in the metro area Friday, he said his crew will have over a hundred contracts to fulfill tonight and they’re not accepting new customers at this time due to being so under-staffed. Because of a drought-ravaged summer across Siouxland in 2021, Sebastian said he’ll be hoping for plenty of spring snow in the coming months.

“Myself, I invested in a few more equipment this year since I thought it was going to be a good winter but now we’re kind of down the hole. We’re really stuck with the payments, all that stuff, so we definitely need something,” said Sebastian.

More unfortunate news for Sebastian and others in his trade: Sioux City currently has no potential for accumulating snow anytime for at least the next ten days.