UNMC health officials says COVID-19 symptoms don’t always show up in mild cases, loss of smell could be someone’s only sign of virus

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OMAHA, Neb. (KCAU) – A low-grade fever and cough are symptoms doctors look for when determining if a person might be infected with COVID-19.

But health workers at UNMC in Omaha said those symptoms don’t always pop up in mild cases, meaning the loss of smell could be a person’s only indication of illness.

According to Dr. Christie Barnes, MD of UNMC, some patients who have the virus have reported that foods began to taste bland.

She said they’re really experiencing the loss of smell.

She mentions people need to take notice of the symptom and added that part of the reason COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire is that there are so many people who are relatively asymptomatic.

“If you have these symptoms, this may be the only sign you will have of this viral infection. Staying home will protect your community, protect your loved ones and the vulnerable ones in our population,” said Dr. Barnes.

Dr. Barnes said very rarely does a patient completely lose their sense of smell and not have it return.

She cautions that loss of smell can also be connected with a number of other respiratory illnesses, including the flu or common cold.

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