An  Assistant Professor at the  University of Iowa is being accused of racism after publishing an academic paper titled “Teaching to deconstruct whiteness in higher education.”

Jodi Linley published the article earlier this month writing she works to “dismantle whiteness” in her curriculum.

The University says Linley has been targeted, harassed and threatened by people from all over the country since writing the article.

The academic paper focuses on the idea of white privilege.

Linley writes about personal experiences such as growing up in mostly white rural Iowa and then going to college where she journaled  about how she “could now see white supremacy benefiting me as a white person and other white people around me.”

Later in the article Linley writes about grouping students off by race when teaching saying it’s a “welcomed relief” for students of color to be able to talk about racism “without defensive reactions from white peers.”

As for white students she says the groups help reveal “their own white ignorance.”

People have taken to social media to voice their concerns publicly.

One man wrote, “When did Iowa start employing bigots as assistant professors?”

Others are calling for Linley to be fired.

Daniel Clay, Dean of the College of Education sent KWWL this statement:

“Recently, one of our faculty members was singled out for publishing a peer-review article on race issues in higher education. This faculty member was targeted, harassed, and threatened by many people from around the country through email, phone calls, and social media.

As the dean of our University of Iowa College of Education, I want to affirm that we welcome all students, faculty, and staff of all races and backgrounds. We work hard to create an inclusive environment that cultivates respect and appreciation for everyone. The University of Iowa is also strongly committed to freedom of expression and the first amendment, and that extends to students, faculty, and staff.

Students who have concerns about a view expressed by a fellow student or a faculty member may contact the Dean of Students office or Campus Inclusion Team

We must remain committed to doing everything we can to ensure an inclusive and positive community for everyone.”

Affiliate KWWL reached out to Jodi Linley today but have not heard back.

Linley is set to be teaching a couple of courses this fall including Issues & Policies in Higher Education.

You can read the article online, the full version does cost money however the abstract is immediately available: