SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The needs of Siouxlanders are changing, so a local organization is adapting to help address challenges at the root of those changes.

On Thursday, the United Way of Siouxland announced its new focus on supporting any local nonprofits that can help solve key issues identified by United Way.

In their analysis, the organization determined education and healthy behaviors — such as substance use and mental health — are the areas that need addressing the most.

The President of United Way Heather Hennings said that in order to best serve Siouxland, the organization has to be flexible.

“Making new goals and being able to dig into the data for the community as it has changed so significantly in the last few years, really makes sure that we are flexible, and meeting the changing needs of our community,” Hennings said, “We want to be able to help and support organizations that are providing programs to provide great service.”

In order to help meet these needs, United Way of Siouxland will move to an open funding model and giving any local non-profit the opportunity to apply for funding while allowing their programs to adapt to the area’s changing needs.