ELK POINT, SD (KCAU) – The Union County Courthouse is getting a major facelift. Expansion plans are expected to cost more $4 million and courthouse workers say the renovation is long overdue.

Kevin Joffer is a committee member. He explains what areas of the Union County Courthouse are due for an expansion.

“As far as our needs were, our courts needed some needs, our treasurer’s office and auditor really needed some needs met. Our registered Deeds, and then our sheriff’s office,” said District 4 Committee Member Kevin Joffer.

Courthouse workers say they are on board with the proposed expansion.

“I do believe it’s overdue. This building was built in 1978. So at that time, the county was quite a bit smaller and there was probably not really the idea that it was going to grow like it has,” said Myron Hertel, the Treasurer of the courthouse.

“We are all on top of each other. I know I can speak for at least my department, but we have two most of the time on for dispatchers, sometimes three, and there’s no way to separate ourselves,” said Sara Beatty, who is the 911 Coordinator.

Joffer said the funds for expansion are already taken care of at no cost to taxpayers.

“One thing about it, the commission has been doing is planning ahead for resources. We have the money put aside now that we could pay for this without having to raise taxes or go to a bond,” Joffer said.

And, courthouse workers said the $4.1 million in additions are necessary.

“Storage is also an issue for documents that we are required to keep by state guidelines. We’ve built a building for that but that is now full,” said Hertel.

“In the height of COVID when everybody was saying ‘Six feet, six feet,’ we couldn’t do that, because we are on top of each other over here. We need the space. We need the room. And right now, we just don’t have it,” said Beatty.

Public meetings will continue in order to answer questions on the expansion. Also, the committee hopes to break ground on the project by the end of 2021.