Underwater cameras get you an ‘under the sea’ view at Crystal Cove Park

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“You see the big fish swimming around, and there are a lot of big fish in this that people don’t know about ” says Gene Maffit, Parks Director for South Sioux.

Soon you won’t need to pay admission at an aquarium to get a glimpse of big fish. You’re next trip could be to Crystal Cove Park in South Sioux City! 
The city has installed an underwater camera, getting live footage of 9,000 trout, 800 catfish, bass, and other large fish species. The cameras send live views back up to the observatory where you can watch, warm and cozy from monitors inside.
The underwater camera sits 50 feet offshore and almost 20 feet deep. There are also two above water cameras to catch live footage of birds.
“In certain times of the spring and fall you can see geese all over this lake, it’ll be covered with them, the migratory… not only geese, but also ducks” says Gene Maffit, Parks Director for South Sioux.

South Sioux Parks Director Maffit says with 100 acres of a clean, healthy ecosystem, there’s a lot to learn about. He says the value in the cameras is the ability to learn about what happens when you take care of the environment.

“I think there’s educational part of this for school kids, but not only school kids… for everyone. They should learn what kind of habitat is out here and how to take care of it, different things like that. And to be able to see it makes you appreciate it more, I think” says Gene Maffit, Parks Director for South Sioux.
The observatory is not open to the public yet, but will be in about thirty days. Maffit says he’s excited to share the finished product with the community.
“This has been a fun project to work on, it’s been really excited. It’s neat to see it come to life” says Gene Maffit, Parks Director for South Sioux.
The project was funded by grants and donations, and again… should be open to the public in about a month.

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