SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KCAU) — Tyson Foods is launching an educational program in which 120,000 employees will be eligible for free education assistance.  

According to a release from Tyson Foods, Tyson will provide free education for U.S team members where they can study for a master’s degree, an undergraduate degree, or an associate degree. They can also study literacy and technology fundamentals for free.  

The release indicated that Tyson is partnering with Guild, a social impact company, to expand the Upward Academy Program. The program will begin including more than 175 programs. $60 million will be invested to cover 100% of all tuition, books, and fees for team members.  

“This commitment to our team members reinforces our belief that they are the lifeblood of our current and future success,” said Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Tyson Foods John R. Tyson, “Providing equity and opportunity to every single member of our team is part of our goal to make Tyson the most sought-after place to work. Providing education benefits will continue to lay a foundation for personal and career growth for our team members.”  

The Upward Academy has been providing free ESL, GED, citizenship, financial and digital literacy classes to frontline employees since 2016. The program is offered at 46 Tyson locations. The new online curriculum will give team members access to nearly 200 learning programs by dozens of institutions for higher learning.  

“We are thrilled to partner with Tyson to further empower their team members to pursue career pathways that will help them open the doors to their dreams,” said CEO of Guil Rachel Romer Carlson, “Tyson’s free education and upskilling program is enhancing its commitment to creating a top work environment and a workplace of growth.”  

Curriculum and courses covering foundational skills, career certificates, and academic degrees will be accessible to employees in areas including: 

Key Business Priorities 

  • Foundation Learning & Core Skills 
  • Supply Chain & Operations 
  • Agriculture 
  • Manufacturing & Automation 
  • Sustainability 

Foundational Learning Programs 

  • English Learning Language 
  • High School Completion 
  • Career Readiness 
  • Frontline Management Program 

Executive Education Certificates 

  • Leadership & Management 
  • Technology 
  • Business 

Additional information can be found on the Tyson website.