Two veterans replace tarnished flag at Lakeport Commons Mall

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A tarnished flag hanging at the lake port commons mall recently grabbed the attention of many Siouxlanders, but when army national guard veteran’s Nick Brooks and Johnathan Keselring saw the photograph of the deteriorating flag on facebook, they knew something needed to be done.

Brooks said, “You need to respect that flag if it gets torn or anything like that replace it. Fix it. Do something with it. Don’t just leave it to hang up there flapping in the wind broken”

So they took matters into their own hands, by purchasing a new flag and replacing the tarnished one immediately.

“I just turned and looked at him and said, ‘We need to go one replace it right now,” said Brooks to Keselring.

“We just felt like we needed to change this flag. It needed to be for people that are over seas and can’t come home. You know, up 24 hours a day over seas laying in the dirt or in the sand somewhere and the least we can do is when one of our flags that they fight to protect is damaged, we can jump on it right away and change it,” said Keselring.

As veterans, they said it was just something they weren’t able to ignore.

“It’s just something that’s instilled in you from day one. You should always respect that flag.”

“When I was in basic training that’s what our drill sergeant said to us. When you see that flag, you respect that flag. You solute it and you take care of it,” says Keselring.

As for why the veterans were so compelled taking action,  Johnathan and Nick say they replaced the flag for the hero’s who are unable to hang it themselves.  

“People have died for this flag. A lot of my brothers and sisters at arms have died for this flag I’ve had family members that have also dies for this flag. So it’s all for them,” said Brooks.


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