Two teachers retire after dedicating their lives to Sioux City Public School

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) –  Two teachers in the Sioux City Community school district have spent more than 30 years of their lives evolving their lesson plans and adjusting to dramatically changing times as technology improves. However, one thing that hasn’t changed for both women, is their passion for helping students. 

“[It’s] so much easier than before. We didn’t have computers. Everything we did was go somewhere, find a book that had teaching things in it that you could use, so it has made it so much easier and so much more fun for the kids,” said Cindy Bennett, a teacher at Leeds Elementary. 

Cindy Bennett has been a teacher in the Sioux City Community School District for 40 years. Susan Jordan has spent 35 years in the classroom. Both women said times have changed and they’ve enjoyed changing with them.

“The students have one on one access to the computers and they are able to do a lot more of their writing and reading on the computer which was never like that when I first started teaching,” says Morningside Elementary Teacher Susan Jordan.

Bennett and Jordan both knew at a very young age that teaching was their calling in life. But now Bennett is passing that teaching passion along to her children. 

“But Leeds has been a great place to work. And my three children went to Leeds, and they went through Sioux City schools and now my two daughters are teachers. One teaches at North and one teaches here, and I don’t think the Bennet name will be forgotten at Leeds,” says Bennett. 

“She has a wealth of knowledge that goes way farther than technology so it’s very bittersweet that she’s leaving its been great having her in my classroom and in the building. I know everyone at the building is going to be so sad when she leaves,” says Morgen Bennett, teacher at Leeds Elementary and daughter of Bennett. 

For Jordan, the love for teaching is a way of life now spanning for three generations.

“Even though I am telling one part of my career goodbye, I hope to come back and make a difference in the world of education maybe someday subbing in my daughter’s classroom because she is now going to be a teacher, and I would like to help her in her classroom,” says Jordan. 

Both Bennett and Jordan shared that, in their case, retirement doesn’t necessarily mean the end. They both plan to come back to the Sioux City school district to substitute teach for their co-workers.

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