DES MOINES, Iowa (KCAU) – Governor Reynolds announced Monday that 16 communities have been awarded a total of $6.2 million in grants to advance water quality projects.

The funding is made available through the Wastewater and Drinking Water Treatment Financial Assistance Program, the first legislation signed into law by Gov. Reynolds in Jan. 2018.

The list of communities include Adel, Auburn, Boone, Britt, Carlisle, Chariton, Winneshiek County – Festina, Grandview, Hartford, Indianola, Lake Park, McGregor, Mount Ayr, Perry, Treynor, and Wheatland

“Investing in water quality infrastructure within our state has been a top priority of my administration since day one,” said Gov. Reynolds. “The first bill I signed into law as Governor in 2018 created opportunities for communities to upgrade their water infrastructure and I’ve remained steadfast in my commitment to building upon that.”

The Wastewater and Drinking Water Treatment Financial Assistance Program receives a portion of the tax on metered water and had more than $6 million available for allocation in 2021. Grants will be awarded through the program on an annual basis through 2039.

The 2021 program received 18 applications requesting more than $6.5 million in water quality grants. A committee consisting of designees from the Iowa Finance Authority, Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship judged the Wastewater and Drinking Water Financial Assistance Program applications based on the program’s priorities.

Priorities for grant awards include:

  • Disadvantaged communities
  • Projects that will significantly improve water quality in their watershed
  • Projects that use alternative wastewater treatment technologies
  • Communities with the highest sewer or water rates
  • Projects that use technology to address nutrient reduction
  • Projects to address improvements to drinking water source waters.

The Wastewater and Drinking Water Treatment Financial Assistance Program has assisted a total of 33 communities through a total of nearly $9 million in water quality grants since the first awards were granted in 2019. The program is expected to have approximately $6 million in available funds in 2022 based on the portion of tax that will be allocated to the program.

Grant RecipientGrant AwardTotal Estimated Project CostProject Description
Adel$300,000$17,370,000New Wastewater Treatment Facility
Auburn$100,000$175,000Water Treatment Improvements
Boone$200,000$1,948,500Wastewater Treatment Improvements – UV Disinfection System, etc.
Britt$500,000$9,028,500New Water Treatment Facility & Water Storage
Carlisle$500,000$3,900,000Water Distribution Improvements
Chariton$500,000$3,578,000Wastewater Treatment Improvements – UV Disinfection System; post aeration system improvements
Winneshiek County – Festina$300,000$899,700Wastewater Treatment Improvements
Grandview$500,000$3,732,500Wastewater Treatment Improvements –  Submerged Attached Growth Reactor; UV Disinfection System
Hartford$500,000$3,300,000Wastewater Treatment Improvements – UV Disinfection System; NitrOx Reactor
Indianola$500,000$57,000,000New Wastewater Treatment Facility
Lake Park$300,000$7,100,000New Wastewater Treatment Facility
McGregor$500,000$9,458,795Water & Sewer Transmission Improvements
Mount Ayr$300,000$866,400Wastewater Transmission Improvements
Perry$500,000$30,349,479New Wastewater Treatment Facility
Treynor$300,000$4,871,522Wastewater Treatment Improvements – LemTec Polishing Reactor; UV Disinfection
Wheatland$400,000$1,107,200Wastewater Treatment Improvements – LemTec Polishing Reactor