SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Two Sioux City women were arrested for allegedly beating a woman with a pistol and stealing $2,000.  

According to court documents, a woman was at the residence of Megan Fourt, 29, of Sioux City, on Wednesday around 2 a.m. The woman told police Fourt left to get food and started to get violent after getting back. The documents did not specify if the woman was friends with Fourt at the time of the incident. 

Documents stated Fourt then stole the wallet from the woman’s purse, which contained $2000 from her tax return. When the woman tried to confront Fourt about it, Fourt allegedly began to intimidate the victim with a pistol that Fourt kept in her waistband.  

The court documents stated Fourt displayed the pistol, saying, “You don’t know what I’m capable of,” and the victim was about to “find out,” before proceeding to take the woman’s phone and purse then threw her car keys at her.  

The victim told police that she feared for her life and thought Fourt was going to kill her, so the victim pepper-sprayed Fourt to get her phone back and call for help. Fourt then began to hit the victim in the head and face with the pistol and causing serious injury, according to the court documents.  

The documents stated that Fourt called her girlfriend, Amber Dickinson, 30, of Sioux City, to come and help her. Dickinson joined the altercation by helping assault the woman before pushing her out the door of Fourts residence on the 2400 block of Shields Avenue.  

After being pushed out of the residence, the court documents indicated that the woman ran from the residence and called 911 for help and medical treatment.  

Dickinson was found a short distance away from the scene of the altercation the same night around 3 a.m., and the documents indicated that she had a pack of cigarettes in the pocket of her hoodie. Inside the pack of cigarettes was a baggy that contained a substance that later tested positive for meth. The meth weighed 3.6 grams, and she was stated to have a previous conviction in 2020 for possession with the intent to deliver.

During a later interview with Dickinson, she admitted to helping Fourt assault the woman at Fourt’s residence.

Dickinson was charged with possession of drugs and assault while participating in a felony with intent and booked in the Woodbury County Jail on a bond of $7,500 and bonded out the same day.  

Saturday morning, Fourt was stopped while pulling in front of her residence. The court documents indicated that she had a warrant for fifth-degree theft in Woodbury County.  

The officer conducting the traffic stop reported seeing a gun box lying in plain view on the floorboard of the passenger side of the vehicle. A search of the vehicle was conducted that the documents specified was intended to find evidence from the robbery that occurred on Wednesday.  

During the search, officers uncovered a baggy of a substance that later tested positive for meth and weighed 16.58 grams. The documents stated that there was no affixed drug stamp attached. The gun inside the box was identified as a Cankik Century Arms 9mm. The gun had a magazine that held 18 rounds, but the magazine only had 2 rounds in it at the time of the search, according to the documents.  

Other items located during the search included a bag of 45 pills of amphetamines, 9 pieces of amphetamine, and 2 Vyvanse. Officers also located packaging material, scales, a bong, and a pipe. It was also learned that Fort had her seatbelt improperly buckled behind her back.  

Fourt was charged with first-degree robbery, possession with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia, no drug tax stamp, and carrying a dangerous weapon. She was booked on a bond of $25,000.