A Sioux City man out on bond in connection to several high profile robberies has been arrested for pimping after authorities say he used his girlfriend as a prostitute to help pay for bond money. 

According to court documents, Sioux City police contacted 19-year-old Jordyn Delfs early Friday morning after she posted an ad on the prostitution website Backpage.com. An officer had Delfs meet him at a hotel room, where she agreed to accept $250 to have intercourse with the undercover officer. 

Authorities were also able to locate Delf’s boyfriend, 19-year-old Justin Ferguson, waiting outside in a car in the parking lot of the hotel. Police say that Ferguson drove Delfs to the hotel for prostitution to make sure she was safe and that his sister helped create the Backpage.com ad that authorities responded to. 

Authorities say that when questioned by police, Delfs and Ferguson admitted that they were using the money from prostitution to pay for Ferguson’s bond in connection to an ongoing robbery case. Court documents say that Ferguson’s mother bonded him out and he’s required to pay $950 a month to stay out of jail. Both Delfs and Ferguson told police that they cannot find jobs and this is the only way they can make the money necessary to keep Ferguson out of jail. 

Ferguson is currently out on a $75,000 bond in connection to three armed robberies back in February. 

Delfs was previously charged with keeping a disorderly house in connection to an incident where a Sioux City Police officer was shot and wounded

He’s now charged with pimping, which is a class “D” felony in the state of Iowa. Ferguson is currently being held in the Woodbury County Jail on a $85,000 bond. 

Delfs has been charged with Soliciting Prostitution, which is an aggravated misdemeanor in the state of Iowa. She’s currently being held in the Woodbury County Jail on a $3,000 bond.