SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — As discussion and debate continue over the construction of a new Law Enforcement Center in Woodbury County, county supervisors are removing a step from the approval process of certain construction projects.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Supervisors voted to discontinue the use of agenda approvals and resolutions that relate to the Quality Assurance Questionnaire used to make sure contractors are aware of and adhere to local laws.

Board Chairman Rocky De Witt said the questionnaire no longer serves its intended purpose.

“The quality assurance questionnaire has just turned into something that it wasn’t designed to be. There are so many things that subcontractors have control over that we just don’t have any real way to monitor that other than trust that the contractors are going to take care of that problem on the job site.” said Board Chair Rocky De Witt.

Questions arose concerning the questionnaire after a Lincoln-based company won the low bid for the jail project.

De Witt said the questionnaire may be reviewed and reworded in the future.