ORANGE CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Orange City Tulip Festival takes place on the third weekend in May but organizers have said the weather is a factor long before the event starts.

Keri Dreischer owns Tulip Town Bulb Company. She said the weather was a big concern earlier this year.

“We thought in March that we would have no tulips for Tulip Fest, that they’d all be blown and we’d have a ‘Stem Fest’ but then we got this cold snap in April, and it kind of delayed the bloom,” Dreischer said.

Jenon Scallon is the chair of the Tulip Festival. She said organizers planted flowers that take longer to bloom so they were not impacted by the wind in April.

“We planted a variety of late-blooming tulips and so we’re really happy that it’s been cooler weather because we want hopefully those beautiful blooms to come the third weekend of May for all our festival guests,” Scallon said.

Scallon said she’s thankful for a supportive community every year regardless of the weather.

“Iowa weather in the spring is so fickle and so I think that’s what’s really great about the festival is whether it’s rain or shine, people are ready to come and celebrate and we have a variety of activities for people to enjoy,” said Scallon.

The Orange City Tulip Festival begins on May 19 through the 21. For more information, click here.