Trump said drug manufacturers of charging more in U.S.

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President Donald Trump said America’s drug companies are not giving US consumers a fair deal. He said Americans are paying more for their medicine because drug companies are giving other countries a price break.

“Americans pay more so other countries can pay less,” said Trump.

The president said under a new plan, Medicare will re-evaluate how much it’s willing to pay drug companies for prescriptions.

The White House hopes that will make US prices on par with the global marketplace.

“These are just small ideas that won’t do much,” Leslie Dach said. 

Lelsie Dach is with the pro-Obamacare group “Protect Our Care”.

He says consumers are paying too much.

“People are out there trying to buy insulin, and they’re paying through the roof. You’re paying more for your Epipen’s. These prices are just going up,” Dach said.

The White House said it’s committed to lowering drug costs, and it expects Congress to back its comprehensive approach to lowering costs.

The president said that to help consumers, the FDA is speeding up drug trial approvals and allowing more generic drugs into the market. He also said drug companies will also face stricter advertising rules.

The White House said even those who don’t feel ripped off at the pharmacy could save money. It believes taxpayers will benefit if the government can spend less on Medicare.

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