Truckers adjust routes, face challenges during stormy weather

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Siouxland faced dangerously high winds Wednesday as wind gusts reach up to 60 MPH. With winds as high driving turns difficult, this is especially true for truck drivers.

“I was supposed to have this back St. Louis 11 o’clock tomorrow, I’d be home for Christmas but I probably ain’t going to be home,” truck driver Trent Singleton, said.

He said drivers are usually on a tight schedule, but with bad weather, comes delays.

“If you can’t make it to your appointment you just got to call them, reschedule. Ain’t no sense in you killing yourself or anybody else just get off the road you know that’s the main thing to do,” Singleton added.

For some truck drivers, high winds not only put them behind schedule, but it also affects their bottom line.

“You’re probably only going to go 45 mph just because the winds pushing you back so you’re definitely going to lose time there… I average about 5.9 miles per gallon but in weather like this I’ll get about 4.7 and if it gets any stronger it’s going to be worse. So, sometimes if the load don’t pay as well, it’s not worth going out,” Michael Becker said.

Another trucker said if a trailer carries less weight it puts the driver at a higher risk.

“We’ve got an empty trailer that we’re hauling right now to go into our next shipper. That’s even harder to do because the wind catches that trailer and it wants to take the trailer in a different direction than the trucks going,” Elizabeth Pratt said.

She said semi’s can’t slow down nearly as quick as smaller vehicles. That’s why she said it’s especially important for everyone to take extra precautions during stormy weather.

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