Trees threatened after invasive species found in Siouxland

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Siouxlanders have planted ash trees for decades, but the emerald ash borer could wipe them out.

The invasive species has been found in Buena Vista County. Dawn Snyder, the Education Programs Director for the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center, said these insects are capable of killing trees.

“Once the tree is infested, then unfortunately, it’s doomed,” Snyder said. “There’s really no way to remove those insects.”

The ash borer eats the tree’s bark and lays its eggs inside. These creatures spread when people transport lumber or firewood to new locations. If you have an ash tree in your backyard and you see dead bark pieces at the base of your tree and more woodpeckers than normal, your tree might be infested.

Call your local Iowa extension office at 712-276-2157 if you think your tree has ash borers. You can also burn or dispose of your tree if necessary.

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